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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

0004: Puding Gula Hangus Ala Riangrasa

This Puddings actually from My Auntie's Secret Recipes. Am the fan of this Pudding Gula Hangus. The taste is very different & with complete mixing of fresh ingredients makes me feels like "...Owh..Its Awesome!!" and ...speechless...

0003: For Nuha's Wedding Gift

Dear Nuha; Congrates on your wedding !! Now your status already changed to Puan yar..
Cupcakes details:-
16 pcs / Buttercream Orange Flavour / Buttercream Icing

Sunday, 14 June 2009

0002: Ordered by BBQ Nite Persediaan Global Medic-Mesir

This colourful cupcakes were dedicated to the students of Persediaan Global Medic-Mesir UKM (2009). The decoration is quite fancy but all the ideas were threw out spontaneously by my sis in law; Azura LALA (1 of the student).
Cupcakes details:
+ 50 pcs/ Buttercream Vanilla Cupcakes/ Buttercream Orange/ Gumpaste Deco.

0001: Ordered by Umi Hanim (KLCC)

Thank you to my dearest friend; Umi Hanim for the order of 16pcs cupcakes. She said this order is for her bestfriend's wedding gift.
Cupcakes details:-
+ 16pcs / Buttercream Orange Flavor/ Yellow Flower Royal Icing / Gumpaste (Purple) Flower.