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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My Cuppies from the PhotoAura's View

My Cuppies photo during 1 of the wedding's session, taken by the professional photographer; Photoaura....
To Photoaura, thank you for snap this pict for the wedding. your final touch for the whole wedding picts was really really great!! Demo memey khelasss!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

0013: Truffle Balls Buscuit: Open for Hari Raya Order

Order For Hari Raya is now OPEN!!! Lets grab it while the order time is quite limited.

Truffle Balls: Is from my Auntie's Homemade Recipe.
Details: A walnut, covered with biscuit & chocolate topping
(Trust me, this Truffle Balls is really - really nice & lots of my friend already place an order after tested it for once!)

Price: RM23.00 per bottle (contains of 50pcs Truffle Balls)

Please do ring me A.s.A.p for order / booking @ 012-6851785 or email to :
Thank you for keep supporting Riangrasa... Havva great Ramadhan Ahead! Wasalam.

-Diyana@ Riangrasa -

Sunday, 16 August 2009

0012: Ordered by Dr Azrul & Dr Rahimah's wedding at Dewan Tun Rahah

Congrates to Dr Azrul & his lovely wife; Dr Rahimah!! Happy newly wedz to this couple! Thank you for the smart choice of the doorgift, i.e. Riangrasa Cupcakes !! Really enjoyed during the preparation & thank you for giving me this opportunity..

This event was held at Dewan Besar Tun Rahah, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, KL in 15-Aug-09.

Cupcakes Details:-
600 pcs cupcakes / variety flavors of Chocolate, Orange & Vanilla / Royal Icing Topping / Gumpaste Deco

Thursday, 6 August 2009

0011: Ordered by Ms Syaridatul; Willis Co's

This order came from Ms Syaridatul from Wilis. Nice dealing with you, Fida. Hope you'll like it. Enjoy the Cupcakes moment!! Thanks again for the Order, Babe!

Cupcakes Details:-
25 pcs / Vanila Cupcakes / Vanilla Buttercream Topping / Gumpaste Roses / Royal Icing Polka Dot / Silver Beads

Monday, 3 August 2009

0009: Cupcakes for Puteri Lydia's Son [Darwisyh]

This honey-bee cuppies are specially made ; dedicated to Darwisyh for his 1st Birthday celebration in Shah Alam. Very cute for kids! Hey, Happy Birthday to you, young man!!

Cupcakes details:-
16 pcs / Chocolate Cupcakes / Buttercream Orage Topping / Fondant Honey Bee

0008: Chocolate Brownies with Almond

Brownies for my wonderful Gynea; Prof Seri Suniza (Prince Court Medical Centre). You are the best doct that I've ever met!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

0007(D): Ordered by Pn Fadzillah (Prince Court Medical Centre)

Another variation (idea by Ain & Azura)

0007(C): Ordered by Pn Fadzillah (Prince Court Medical Centre)

Another variation.....

0007(B): Ordered by Pn Fadzillah (Prince Court Medical Centre)

Another variation of cupcakes ordered by Pn Fadzillah from Prince Court Medical Centre for O&G Family Day's celebration.

0007(A): Ordered by Pn Fadzillah (Prince Court Medical Centre)

Combination of colourful cupcakes ordered by Pn Fadzillah; Prince Court Medical Centre for the O&G Family Day'09. Qty: 150pcs-200pcs.

Cupcakes Details:-
Chocolate (Ganache) Cupcakes/ Buttercream Icing

Saturday, 11 July 2009

0006: Other Cuppies Design..

My other design.... pls leave comments if any......

0005: Ordered by Juliana

Ordered by Juliana from Tourism. She said her bestfriend want to try my cuppies as she will be having her enggagement ceremony. hopefuly she likes it!
Cupcakes details:-
16pcs / Buttercream Orange Cakes/ Gumpaste flower /Buttercream Frosting

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

0004: Puding Gula Hangus Ala Riangrasa

This Puddings actually from My Auntie's Secret Recipes. Am the fan of this Pudding Gula Hangus. The taste is very different & with complete mixing of fresh ingredients makes me feels like "...Owh..Its Awesome!!" and ...speechless...

0003: For Nuha's Wedding Gift

Dear Nuha; Congrates on your wedding !! Now your status already changed to Puan yar..
Cupcakes details:-
16 pcs / Buttercream Orange Flavour / Buttercream Icing

Sunday, 14 June 2009

0002: Ordered by BBQ Nite Persediaan Global Medic-Mesir

This colourful cupcakes were dedicated to the students of Persediaan Global Medic-Mesir UKM (2009). The decoration is quite fancy but all the ideas were threw out spontaneously by my sis in law; Azura LALA (1 of the student).
Cupcakes details:
+ 50 pcs/ Buttercream Vanilla Cupcakes/ Buttercream Orange/ Gumpaste Deco.

0001: Ordered by Umi Hanim (KLCC)

Thank you to my dearest friend; Umi Hanim for the order of 16pcs cupcakes. She said this order is for her bestfriend's wedding gift.
Cupcakes details:-
+ 16pcs / Buttercream Orange Flavor/ Yellow Flower Royal Icing / Gumpaste (Purple) Flower.